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Taekwondo (jidokwon) / Kickboxing

Taekwondo is the art of powerful standing kicking and punching, striking with the foot and hand (similar to muay thai). Kickboxing is very similar, combining boxing with bare foot kicking. Learn the proper technique for stances, kicks and punches, while increasing your cardio, flexibility, accuracy and speed as you progress.


Jiu-Jitsu is the art of submission and ground work (similar to wrestling). It focuses mostly on grappling and ground fighting, utilizing the proper technique to obtain dominant control on the ground. This is done by using the other person’s weight against them, gaining leverage and the ability to use strikes and submission holds. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the combination of various martial arts styles, including combat sports like boxing and wrestling, with traditional standing striking martial arts, such as taekwondo.

Hapkido / Judo

Hapkido is a form of self-defense that uses pressure points, joint locks, and take downs. 


Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a hard-hitting workout designed to increase your aerobic and strength levels thru basic martial arts techniques. Our instructors utilize punching bags and other martial arts equipment to maximize cardiovascular and muscular strength building, increase your balance and give you a full body workout. 

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  Whether it’s self-defense, fitness or martial arts programs, Cho’s Martial Arts will tailor a program for you or a group. Anything from Girl/Boy Scouts, daycare classes, to workplace seminars can benefit from any of these techniques. With our guidance, you will learn proper methods of stretching, exercising, conditioning, self-defense and a combination of martial arts techniques.   

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About Us

Certified Master Instructors

 Great Grandmaster Cho has personally selected and trained masters who take on his philosophy of teaching, His two sons, Won and Ung Cho, are carrying on the proud family tradition. Cho's branch head Masters, each have over 20 years of teaching experience, and a Championship title. Over these years, they have developed a humble and caring personality to help all individuals achieve their goals.

Adults Program

 Improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance and lower your overall stress level. Adult classes are offered multiple times per week depending upon your skill level. 

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Youth Program

 Teach your children confidence, discipline and give them the foundation needed to grow into the best adults they can be.   Cho’s offers two classes for children: 

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