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Cho's Martial Arts menomonee falls

Grandmaster Cho


* 7th Degree Black Belt
* Former Korean & US National Champion
* Specializes in Children's Rehabilitation
* Created Many State and US Champions
* Over 50 years Martial Arts Experience
* Personally Teaches Classes 

"I believe Martial Arts is important for personal growth and development affecting all areas of life. Ultimately, he emphasizes respect for oneself and others, the power to strengthen ones mind as well as body and to obtain the discipline to set and achieve one’s goals."

Master John Kim


* 4th Degree Black Belt 

* Former Canadian Champion 

* Specializes in fitness conditioning

* Certified Personal trainer  

* Over 20 years Martial Arts Experience 

* Personally Teaches All Youth Classes  


 "A strong mind sets a strong body and spirit.

Through consistent and disciplined training, children will guarantee to grow to their full potential with professional guidance. I have strong passion for teaching, and take pride of seeing children become successful young adults for the new generation." 

Youth Assistance Instructor Hailey Tilkens


My name is Hailey. I am a second degree black belt.  I have been a part of the Cho’s Martial Arts family for nine years now, and after being in Taekwondo for so long, I can’t see living without it. When I was a little six year old child, I was very shy and introverted. The classes I took had helped me overcome that fear of talking, and brought me closer to people who I consider some of my closest friends. The classes also teach children discipline, and instructors are very good at maintaining all types of children with countless personalities. Adults benefit by getting an exhilarating workout, and feeling stronger with a boost of confidence! Overall, I am so thankful for my experiences at Cho’s, and I hope to proudly improve my skills and learn every day! I recommend joining the Cho’s community for anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental strength.

Youth Assistance Instructor Jonathan Haugstad


 My name is Jonathan. I am a second degree black belt and have been training for over 8 years. 

At Cho’s we have a powerful motto that includes; I am motivated, I am dedicated, I am on a quest to be the best. My Cho’s journey has taught me that part of being a black belt is about dedication and respect. As an assistant instructor, it is my privilege to teach and encourage others to be the best they can be. 

Youth Leadership


Team Training focus:

- Team Demonstration training
- Learn to help fellow students
- Build respect for themselves and others
- Anti-Bullying
- Advanced technique training
- Competition training 

In our Youth Leadership Training our goal is to focus on improving their self confidence in Martial arts as well as in the real world.  This program prepares them to act as role models to fellow students through effective communication. This program will build essential leadership starting from a young age as well as taking responsibility for their actions. As each student achieves their goals, their sense of accomplishments will stick with them for a lifetime.


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